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Hi, I'm Liz

Liz Wyosnick, Registered Dietitian in Seattle, WA

Who I can help

Individuals who want an empowering experience. Working with me at equilibriyum means no gimmicks, and no fads - just accuracy and REAL guidance.

I hold a Masters in Nutrition Science and am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. I will demonstrate that exceptional health is only a few changes in habits away. 

Whether you are starting from square one, or just need to tweak your regimen, I'm here for you!

Liz Wyosnick, Registered Dietitian in Seattle, WA

Learn how to properly (and realistically) Prioritize health: Front and Center

Health is truly our greatest asset. Taking the healthier way now will save time and worry later.

No matter if your goal is to optimize your fitness, boost energy, lose weight, or improve internal health, I strive to make health work for busy individuals by guiding them through habit creation, planning techniques, and educating on small changes that can make a huge difference. 

You will learn about your body, food, and HOW to prioritize health. 

Liz Wyosnick, Registered Dietitian

Work with science, learn from your body

Look past the sheen of fads and marketing and instead learn the truth about supportive nutrition that is backed in sound science.

Equilibriyum offers liberation from an all-or-nothing mentality and instead focuses on a sustainable and enjoyable lifestyle. It means looking in, as opposed to looking out, for insight on what makes your body feel great.

Are you ready for straight-talk, 

practical help, and a friendly approach? 

Try equilibriyum out for free!