My Story

From an early age, I found reprieve in movement

After moving states a few times, and living in a household of an alcoholic, I found peace and confidence while running. 

Within my adolescent neighborhood, I would challenge myself to run to the next block, and then the next block, and then all the way to the other end of the neighborhood, and back. 

I felt the power of the body, and how responsive it could be to physical (and mental) conditioning, and I was hooked. 

I entered athletics in high school, and kept running. I loved health class, and excelled in biology. Fast forward to college, and you would think that the medical or human performance route was the obvious track for me - but no, I chose business and was in school simply to get out and start making money - the other connection to confidence and I'd thought. 

My first job out of college was at a large financial corporation where I was handed top tier clients to settle trades and currencies I knew nothing about. I learned about business, organization, and office politics. I met inspiring people and climbed. I had a salary, benefits, a retirement plan and paid vacation - score! The security of it all kept my momentum going, and my devotion to physical activity never stopped. 

Two years in, things started to turn stale, and I realized that I felt more fulfillment in my 6am bootcamp class, during my runs along the water, and while reading the latest health publication and digging into deep health-science rabbit holes.

I loved learning about the body, and despised THE OPENING BELL - something was wrong

In 2012, I moved across the country and went back to school to obtain my masters in nutrition science. I ran out of money, a couple of times. I went back to serving in restaurants and working deli counters to get by. I LOVED school. 

Four years at Bastyr University fulfilled my curiosity, and cemented my awe of the human body.

On July 11th, 2016 - I became a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist as a result of passion, grit, and to serve a purpose. 

I am here to help; I am here to learn; and I here to bring equilibriyum to life.