the objective:

To encourage cooking, eating, and enjoying food at home. Eating food made at home is healthier and more cost-effective, period. And usually the most difficult part of cooking at home is deciding what to make, and how to prioritize your time - the structure and ease of these meals plans are here to help! 

what you get:

  • Balanced, complete meal ideas and recipes for breakfasts, lunches, snacks and dinners. 
  • Example meal schedule - use it as-is, or as a resource of healthy and easy recipes!
  • Printable grocery shopping list with PRO TIPs and brand recommendations for each week of meals.
  • Step-by-step pregame strategy: 1 hour of prep on the weekend to ensure you only spend 20 minutes to finalize meals during the week.

Meal plans are suitable for omnivores, gluten-free omnivores, and options are included for vegetarians. 

The equilibriyum difference

Nutritionally balanced, realistic, taste-tested, RD-approved.

Happy cooking; happy eating!